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a house full of flavour

From craft beer to elegant cocktails, indulgent pasta dishes to fancy French cuisine, fuel your stay at some of Singapore’s best International bars and restaurants, each under our very own roof! And don’t forget to check out the community perks…

The Guild

Young Master Brewery, Hong Kong’s largest independent brewery, brings you The Guild, a new restaurant and bar serving up contemporary comfort food paired with a comprehensive drinks menu featuring craft beers (19 on tap), cocktails, and all-natural wines. 

With nourishment and old-fashioned hospitality at its heart, The Guild works with small-scale, artisanal producers to bring the best ‘in craft’ to your table.

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Pasta Bar

Tucked in Singapore’s bustling Keong Saik neighbourhood, Pasta Bar is an intimate alcove dedicated to the celebration of pasta, seasonal produce and all things Italian. Welcoming guests with a generous dose of heartfelt hospitality, the animated open kitchen and bar is reminiscent of Italy’s laid-back counter culture - an atmospheric, intimate setting for dinner.

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The Old Man

This quirky restaurant & bar pays tribute to the celebrated writer and noted cocktail enthusiast, Ernest Hemingway, a man who once remarked, “I drink to make other people interesting.” The one of a kind ‘open’ bar concept will allow guests to mingle with mixologists, immersing themselves with the art of cocktail making.

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Mag’s is a chic and intimate restaurant serving up modern French cuisine and a curated wine & sake list boasting over 150 different labels. The ‘j ne sais quoi’, watching your chef lovingly preparing your meal from the open kitchen.

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Located in the rejuvenated Keong Saik Road neighbourhood, a vibrant enclave in the heart of Singapore’s bustling Chinatown, Olivia Restaurant & Lounge transports guests to a setting that is unique to Barcelona.

Drawing upon generations of tradition and classic techniques, the menu is a distinctive nod to Barcelona’s dining scene –cosmopolitan and multi-cultured.

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